Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Eric Walters visits Carman Collegiate!

On Monday, April 10,  award winning author Eric Walters visited our school.  Eric Walters has written 107 books and counting that have been translated and read around the world.
He spoke to Carman elementary and high school students about his experiences researching subjects ranging from poverty in Africa to the 9/11 tragedy. 

He told students that research and planning were the most important part of writing any story.

He has brought tigers to schools, hung out with NBA stars, and more during his years as a teacher and writer. In 2007, a visit to Africa with his son eventually resulted in the formation of the Creation of Hope project, which provides hope to orphans and impoverished youth in Kenya.  

Eric Walters' books are among the most read from our library. Stop by to check one out.
You can find out more about Eric Walters, his books, and his adventures here.